Win AutoTargets @ 7/30 ADRENALINE DAY


It’s going to be epic.

Join AutoTargets, Shooter’s Gauntlet and USA Chemical Supply in Monroeton PA on July 30th & 31st 2016 for an incredible course of fire.

Motion sensing AutoTargets are going to react to your movement and shooting targets will TRIGGER EXPLOSIONS during every run of the course.

Three stations running all day:

1) The Adrenaline Challenge
2) The AutoTargets Speed Shoot
3) Free shoot area with all day line access, steel targets, binary explosives, some fun (ATF restricted) toys to rent etc…

Over $6000 in AutoTargets Up For Grabs!

The grand prizes for the Adrenaline Challenge and Speed Shoot are each $500+ in free stuff (including a FREE AutoTargets STATIC TARGET) and your entry fees will be credited toward future AutoTargets purchases.


Into Long Range Shooting?

Don’t miss the VIP package with overnight bunk house accommodations on Saturday night (7/30) and a half day on the 1100 yard range on Sunday 7/31 with 50 cal and other precision rifles included. Limited number of spots available. Sign up now!

You’ll get ALL $295 of your entry fee credited toward a future AutoTargets Lift Unit purchase (no expiration, no kidding!).