AutoTargets Training Ammo System

What is AutoTargets PST (Pressure Sensitive Target)?

The AutoTargets PST units have all of the same capabilities of the standard AutoTargets system, but the PST (Pressure Sensitive Target) units are designed to work with training ammo such as airsoft, Simunitions, UTM, FX, and Force on Force (projectiles should not exceed 400FPS). For all of the details about the standard Autotargets system and what you can do with it, click HERE.

The PST target assembly has three pressure sensitive zones, including a head, lungs, and heart zone. The zones can be repositioned on a Velcro backer to align with whatever paper graphics you want to put on front. The shooter simply shoots through the paper graphics, and the projectile will impact one of the zones, registering a hit on the app. The zones are non-consumable and will last many years of heavy use.
Each PST unit is equipped do to side-lifting from the factory. This allows 9 different lifting configurations, including straight up toward the shooter, to side-to-side such as peeking out from around a corner. You can control the direction of lift as well as the presentation angle by making some adjustments to the unit.

While the lift units are available with weatherproofing, the PST target assembly is not designed for continuous outdoor use. The targets can be used outdoors and in light rain, but should be brought inside after each use.

If you want to switch back and forth between live-fire and training ammo, please purchase the quick convert upgrade. This must be installed at the factory and cannot be installed later by the end user. Without this option you will be limited to only using training ammo.

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