AutoTargets System

What is AutoTargets?

AutoTargets is a live fire reactive target system (for targets that work with training ammo, click HERE). With AutoTargets you can:

  • Receive instant feedback on your shooting performance with our free app for your Android or iOS tablet/phone or Kindle Fire.
  • Lift & drop targets with a single tap.
  • Set the number of hits required to drop a target.
  • Time your reaction, draw and reloads with the shot timer functionality.
  • Create complex shooting scenarios involving multiple targets.
  • Stay safe with ricochet free targets that last hundreds of rounds.
  • Stay moving – it’s fully portable and easy to set up anywhere.

How does it work?

Autotargets integrates bullet sensing targets, innovative software and hardware, and a pneumatic lifting system.

Bullet Sensing Smart Targets

  • AutoTargets uses a unique multi-layered target that generates an electrical signal when it is struck by a bullet.
  • This signal is processed by an on-board computer, which connects wirelessly to your Android tablet or smartphone.
  • The app visually displays which zone of the target is hit as you are shooting it.

What else does it do?

An important aspect of improving your shooting skills is getting realtime feedback when you hit your target. That’s why we equipped the AutoTargets system with a pneumatic lifting/falling mechanism. It can lift a target in about a half a second and drop it just as fast. There’s no fumbling around with spotting scopes or walking downrange to check your target, just watch the target fall and you know you’ve hit your mark.

Portable Lift Unit

  • Lift and drop targets in a fraction of a second.
  • Take it with you – It’s wireless, rechargeable, and weighs only 12 pounds.
  • Field strippable – comes apart easily with little or no tools.

In addition to the target feedback, the app can act as your personal spotter. It will “PING” or vibrate when your bullet hits the target. Put your mobile device in an armband and plug in a pair of electronic earmuffs and you will have the ultimate shooting experience. Spectators can use their own phones or tablets to watch the action real-time.

Control App

  • Control all of your lift units from a single Android/iOS device or a Kindle Fire.
  • Program scenarios to lift and drop targets at random, or at specific times.
  • Set hit requirements to drop each target, such as two body shots and one head shot.
  • Keep score – The app scores your performance based on time and/or total shots accrued.
  • Shot timer functionality tells you the time of each hit, split times, and total elapsed time.
  • High-Visibility color scheme keeps the app usable in bright sunlight.

updated app hand

Limitless Possibilities

Link fields of lift units to create the worlds most configurable shooting gallery. Set clusters of targets along a wooded path for a thrilling run n’ gun. Stretch out a chain of targets over a mile long to build an unrivaled sniper training course. Experience targets appearing at different distances and see how many you can hit before they hide.



  • Link up to 32 units together.
  • Wireless mesh network allows for reliability and extended range. Every lift unit doubles as a “repeater” that can relay signals from other lift units to your Android device.
  • Lifting action is powered by CO2 paintball tanks – hook up a dozen or more units to a single tank.


  • Get started for about the cost of a new gun.
  • Replacements targets cost about the same as a box of ammo.
  • If you shoot it, don’t sweat it! While we recommend protecting your lift unit from gunfire, modular and field serviceable design allows individual parts to be replaced by the end user.

That sounds great, where can I buy it?

Please contact us at or 215-948-2422 for information about purchasing a system.

Why do the lift units require CO2?

It might seem unwieldy or inconvenient to use CO2 to power the lift units, but it provides the best balance of performance, safety, and cost effectiveness. To power a lift unit with a battery alone would require an expensive electric motor, and a battery nearly as large as a car battery. Using CO2 allows you to get 12-20 hours of run time -depending on use- on a tiny LiPO battery, and you can power up to 12 lift units with a single CO2 tank. You can run up to 600 feet of hose which allows you to keep the CO2 safely out of the line of fire. 

How many lifts do I get with a 20oz paintball CO2 tank?

Under most circumstances, you can expect to get about 1,000 lift cycles on a single 20oz CO2 tank.

How long is the battery life?

With the included battery, you can expect about 12-20 hours of run time depending on the usage.

How long do the targets last?

Target lifetime depends largely on what caliber you are shooting. Essentially, the target works like a paper target, meaning that it will not work if you shoot out a large hole in the center of it. As long as the bullet makes physical contact with the target it will be detected, even if you shoot through the same hole two or three times. In testing we have found that the targets typically last around 500 rounds before they stop detecting hits. Shooting smaller calibers such as .22lr or .223 Remington will allow the targets to last much longer than using large calibers like .45 ACP. Shotguns wear out the targets faster than rifles or pistols. If you are using a shotgun, you can increase target life if you shoot at a greater distance, allowing the shot to spread out farther and the wadding to fall away so it does not hit the target.

Do I have to worry about adverse weather conditions with AutoTargets?

The recommended operating temperature of AutoTargets is 20-100 degrees Fahrenheit. The targets may be damaged if they are exposed to temperatures over 170 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The standard lift units are water resistant and work fine in light rain. However we do not recommend using the units in continuous or heavy rain unless they were purchased with our 365 weatherproofing upgrade. Water damage is not covered under warranty unless the units are equipped with the 365 weatherproofing upgrade.

Why can’t I charge the battery though the Aux Power jack?

That would require having a LiPo battery charger built in to each unit. We opted to have an external charger which allows you to charge spare batteries while your unit is still in use. It also reduces the cost of each unit, saves weight, and increases reliability.

The aux power jack is intended for fixed installations, where it would be inconvenient to use batteries. For this type of installation, you must remove the LiPo battery and plug in an AC adapter. You can use the AC adapter that comes with the LiPo battery charger, or contact us to purchase a multi-unit power supply for larger scale installations.

Can I use other types of compressed gas to power the unit?

The unit is designed to run on CO2 paintball tanks. However, you can use compressed air; contact us for details on proper set up with compressed air.

What else do I need for my AutoTarget system to work?

If you purchased our starter kit, it includes everything you need except the following:

1) A full paintball CO2 tank (available at many sporting goods stores)
2) An Android or iOS tablet/phone or a Kindle Fire

…and don’t forget to stock up on extra targets!

How far will the WiFi work?

This depends on many environmental factors such as terrain, but typically you should expect the WiFi to work reliably from around 50-75 yards to the closest lift unit. However, you can extend this range simply by adding more lift units. The lift units automatically create a “mesh” network that relays signals from one device to the next, and you can have up to 250 yards between each lift unit. This allows you to string out lift units to 250, 500, 750 yards, etc.

We also have multiple extended range WiFi adapter options available on our webstore. Depending on your set up, with our extended WiFi Mini-Module packages you can shoot at over 1200 yards.

What happens if I shoot my lift unit?

Before shooting at your AutoTargets system, please click on the “System Layout” tab. This shows how to properly setup your unit to avoid shooting it. The easiest way to protect your unit is with our ricochet-resistant ballistic plates available on our webstore.

However we understand that things happen, and there is a small possibility of damaging your unit with gunfire or otherwise. Don’t panic! The lift unit is completely user serviceable, and you can get back up and running just by ordering replacement parts and swapping them out. Most parts can be replaced without tools or with a Philips screwdriver, and in under 5 minutes. This keeps your cost and down-time at an absolute minimum, so you have more time and money to keep shooting!

What calibers does AutoTargets work with?

AutoTargets works with most major pistol and rifle calibers. Please be sure to look at “specs” tab for more information on supported and unsupported weapons.

Make sure to only use metallic projectiles such as lead or copper. The targets work by making an electrical connection with the bullet, so nylon-jacketed or powdercoated projectiles will not work reliably.

If you have a question about a specific caliber or type of projectile, please give us a call or shoot us an email at

Power System
Type Options The Numbers Usage
Pneumatics CO2 60 PSI Operating Pressure
1000 lifts per 20oz. CO2 tank
20oz or larger CO2 tanks are recommended.
It is possible to use disposable 88-gram CO2 tanks; however, these tanks have significant impurities that cause regulators to freeze.
We recommend using these in a pinch to run a single AutoTargets unit only.
Electronics LiPo Battery
AUX Power (2.1mm Jack)
2-Cell, 3-Cell, & 4-Cell LiPo
17-24VDC, 4VA
Battery life depends on usage. Standard 3-cell 2800mAh battery provides 8000+ lifts or up to 20 hours idle time. Basic 2-cell 1600mAh provides 2000+ lifts.
Lift Unit Weight 13.5lbs
Lift Unit Dimensions (LxWxH)
Target Dimensions (WxH)
21.6″ x 7″ x 4.6″
16″ x 32″
Operating Temperature 0-120°F
Maximum wind speed 20mph
Operating Range
WiFi range Up to 250 yards between each Lift Unit. Lift units act as repeaters to relay signals to tablet. Phone/tablet WiFi range varies significantly depending on your device. 50-75 yards between your smart device and the first Lift Unit. Extended range WiFi options are available. See our store for all our WiFi options
CO2 Range Daisy chain up to 12 lift units together on a single 20oz CO2 tank.
Target Presentation Time 0.5-0.75 seconds to lift the target.
Response time Less than 10ms to start fall, and approximately 0.5-0.75 seconds to complete the fall.
Maximum rate of fire Detects hits at 8000 rounds per minute
Supported Weapons
Weapon Notes
.22lr and most other rimfire cartridges Projectiles must be metallic such as lead or copper.
Most centerfire pistol calibers  Projectiles must be metallic such as lead or copper.
Most centerfire rifle calibers Up to .50 BMG. Projectiles must be metallic such as lead or copper.
Shotgun, buckshot and slugs Buckshot must be #4 shot or larger for reliable operation. Wadding may quickly consume target at close range.
UTM training ammo Use with aluminum base cup man-marker rounds, or civilian training ammo. Contact us for details.
Unsupported Weapons
Anything with non-metallic projectiles: powder coated, nylon jacketed, non-lethal training ammunition (except for UTM, contact us for details), and less-lethal rounds (like rubber bullets etc.). We have pressure-sensitive targets available for some of these applications, please contact us for details.
Moly coated ammo
Tracer rounds
Incendiary rounds
Airsoft guns
BB guns
Pellet Guns

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